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July 24, 2023
John Rizvi, Esq.

The Patent Professor® Client Interview: Inventor of Turn Wedge Body Positioning Medical Device

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Hi, what's your name? Quadra? Lewis, so nice to meet you. Thank you for being here today.

Pleasure. Honored to be filled with terms. Absolutely. So

what led you to work with genres V V pattern Professor over other patent attorneys in the area?

Well, I've worked for them years back, I have a patent already that's actually about to expire. And I'm currently redesigning it, and coming up with a couple of more ideas, and was just here last week, getting the search done, and we're getting the drawings putting together their first.

Wonderful. So how's the how's your experience been working with John?

Oh, it's been a pleasure. Always very professional. I love the new office. You know, from the time we started, it was we met at a McDonald's about 20 years ago. Yeah. And we had our meetings in small little places. I think we had a little rented office that we use back in the day, and my patents about to expire in October. So I'm currently trying to modify it, make some changes, and get a utility on the one I'm having now. And then I'm working on getting a couple more patents. Wow, can

you tell us a little bit about your patent and your patent pending project?

Well, my my, my products called the turnin wedge, the term wedge is a body positioner to turn patients, prevention of bed sores, pressure ulcers. So nursing criteria is every two hours, you're supposed to position your patient if they're immobile, to prevent them from getting pressure ulcers, bed sores, and pulmonary complications associated with mobility. So my positioner allows you to get different degrees that turn by turning the patient if the patient can tolerate because they're too unstable. a 20 degree turn, you can go up to a 60 degree turn with minimal pressure to the patient's skin. I used to be a medical rep for 20 years and wound care. So I came up with the idea and because of the idea, they fired me and kind of ventured out and went to a couple of medical companies. And now I've been doing this for since 2001, a technique been incorporated. Prior to that it was doing it through another friend of mines Corporation.

Wow, incredible what an inspiration. So what inspired you to create this? You mentioned your medical representative?

Yes, well, I was doing an in service training at Memorial Hospital on a on a specific bed that turns patients 40 degrees, which is considered kinetic therapy, or kinetic positioning, turning the patient laterally 40 degrees. This particular bed is for cervical injuries, and it's very uncomfortable. And they had these foam wedges that they use to kind of prop the legs up and prop the the arms up to make the patient a little more comfortable, because the bed would turn but at the same time they had to stabilize the neck. So I was doing around the clock in services. And I'm sitting there holding on to the foam. And I started realizing I was like maybe I'd come up with a device that can actually turn the patient manually. And so we're using the pillows and blankets which eventually collapse. You know in the patient's sinks and ones we're getting pressure ulcers, and they ultimately call companies like the company that I worked for. I designed it got some feedback from some wound care nurses, and came up with the idea of made a prototype rented by rented by the guys and that was it. The rest is history. Wow,

how incredible what a brilliant idea. You know, you're helping so many lives as well. And that's so inspiring. So what are your goals to continue on with this?

Well, the company I have is called careplus. Medical, the product has turned alleged was the I'm currently working with a with a partner who soon to be partner works with the government. And we came up with proposed come up with a couple ideas. We're just here last week. And we're trying to we're already in the VA system. But we're trying to modify the product where we can still have the same properties of having the ability to turn the mental pressure to skin but also position them in a different different way and having to give the product a dual purpose. And we have other products where we'd working on two wedges for yoga, to position the help that are more ergonomically ergonomically designed to to you know, contour to the patient's hands when they hold and they're conformed to their body.

Wow, incredible. Well, that's brilliant. And we're so grateful for all that you do and all that you've worked with John to create and it's absolutely incredible. So we're very excited to watch your company continue to grow and continue to help somebody live. Thank

you very much appreciate it.

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