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July 24, 2023
John Rizvi, Esq.

The Patent Professor® Client Interview: Inventor of Convertible Jacket Bag and Pain Cream Dispenser

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Hi, what's your name?

Hi, my name is Gerardo Fetterman. I am originally from Guatemala but living in the Miami area since the for the last 12 years.

Wow. Wonderful. Thank you so much for being here today. And it's an honor to be here with you and to hear all about your product and how John John has helped you through that. So what led you to John Rizvi, the patent Professor over some other patent attorneys,

when I research and I look for a patent attorney, he was the best he was the best. He had the best reviews and I really liked the way he portrayed himself in the internet. So I decided to hire him.

Absolutely. And so you've heard his TED Talks and his YouTube video. Yes,

I read his book and all the information a lot I have I known him because this now we are presenting our our third patent. Yes. So we have been working with John for the last three years.

Wow. Congratulations and describe your experience working with John.

It's a very, very good experience. I feel like at home when we come. We travel one hour and a half just to come to his office because we trust Him and we feel really nice when we're working with him. And we know all the names of the other people working on the team. So it's good that we really feel good.

You're in the best hands, that's

for sure. That's for sure. Yeah. So

you mentioned you have three patented products. Can you tell us a little bit about them? Yes,

the first patent is a jacket that can be converted into a travel bag. Wow. How does that work? You have your your jacket it has like concealed pockets on the back on the sides. You put everything inside you wear it as a jacket and the moment that you don't need the jacket anymore. You fold it with everything inside without having to move anything from the inside that is stored inside. And you can use it whether it's a backpack that's a handbag or a shoulder bag. Wow. I

mean one of those

amazing invention that John isn't himself he has one so he traveled to New York with a with a travel bag.

Wow. Where can where can we find one our internet? Yes. T is impact that calm or Amazon also

incredible. So what inspired you to create this

mainly all the problems with the luggage the carry ons in the airlines and how to avoid paying for a Caribbean so they cannot forbid you to use a jacket. So you can pack inside the jacket you take the jacket, a jacket and when you go out from the airplane you fold it and you have a carry on

that is absolutely brilliant. I'm am going online and purchasing myself one of these because I always get caught with too many carry on bags.

I didn't want to treat one round trip you are paying for the jacket.

Incredible wow and tell us a little bit you've got some other products as well.

We just presented this it has a patent pending This is dispenser for pain cream, muscle brain cream. You know the the main problem that we saw when we were thinking about muscle pain cream, is that regularly all the other dispensers they use like a rolling Rollerball, by the rollerball keeps being in contact with the product inside the container. So if you have any infection if you have any dirt on your skin or something, it automatically goes inside the container and it contaminates the rest. With our invention we divided the things so the cream you can apply independently it has a valve you open the valve you apply the cream the the amount that you want to apply with the roller ball the railroad rollerball you keep dispensing cream with this now you closed the valve and then you start robbing and then we have our our slogan our motto Ramadan and the pain is gone.

Ramadan and the pain is gone. I know I'm a fitness trainer so I'm always in pain. So this already feels good. Yes,

I need to slow sent. It has organic, certified organic ingredients. It the product is made and packed in the USA. And it has Arnica calendula, Botswana menthol, and it has a cooling sensation.

I feel it. I feel that it's incredible. And so this is a sure this is a very sanitary way to apply.

Yes, yes. And you can massage and massage for 10 minutes without applying any more product. And without putting the cream that you are putting on your skin in contact with the content inside the bottle.

It's incredible that you've worked together with John to create so many incredible products and as the future looks so bright for you, what are your goals as you continue to invent and create

to to keep patenting things that I invent? You know, my mind doesn't stop thinking does it? Stop creating things? So all the time I have new ideas and join these It's very helpful to have something,

the product when when we bring it here, so they they patent the patent pending in a week. He was so fast. So we are so grateful because he was so fast because we want to go out in the market for the Black Friday. So it was incredible that he did it for us.

So timing, incredible. He was able to expedite everything. Everything was

incredible. And he's always very helpful, very helpful. He use ideas and his best knowledge and advisement advising.

Yeah, wow, incredible. Well, thank you so much. And, and as John says, you know, we can't hide our ideas. You have all these incredible ideas, you have to bring them to life. So it's incredible to see all that you're doing together with John and thank you so much. We can't wait to see all of your incredible products continue to grow

and if you want to buy it, you can find it in Robin dots.

Rubbing Wonderful. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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