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May 30, 2023
John Rizvi, Esq.

Inventor Success Story: Giddel Casadesus ~ Concealed Carry Pouch

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On this Penn Professor success story, you'll hear how a police officer and an inventor came up with a product that fit his needs as well as increasing the overall safety of many other law enforcement officers across the nation.


My name is Doug cuff other schools, and I'm the inventor of the Elio pouch if idea came across working in the law enforcement field,


Goodell came up with ideas when he started working in plainclothes instead of a traditional law enforcement uniform.


I saw that there was a need, where there was not something that was comfortable for a law enforcement officer to carry handcuffs. And their magazine or 3d work everyday in plainclothes


Cadet was looking for a way to curious things that he needed to do his job correctly. But he was having trouble finding something that he could wear comfortably. The


products on the market right now are either hard plastic or very hard. For them really nothing that's made overall material that's kind of contours to the body,


he started talking to his colleagues to see how they got around this issue. And what he found was a huge surprise to him.


A lot of officers were not carry their hand calls, or an extra magazine, for after her you know, interview and a couple of dive in doing a little bit of market research, I realized, oh, there's a need here to create something that's going to at least encourage you guys to carry what they need or carry,


carrying their tools, we're putting these officers at risk. So Goodell became determined to solve this problem.


And I wanted something that was comfortable for daily use, that you have your tools that you need to successfully do your job, but at the same time that it's comfortable, and it won't be a burden carry, carrying, you know, your your magazine and your head coach,


he started working on creating a product that he thought would work better than what was currently available.


I created some prototypes. And then obviously, I gave him to a couple of law enforcement guys, these guys wore them, some of them being flat members, you know, working in working in the streets and gangs and whatnot. So I gave the product guys that were out there, you know, on a daily basis.


After field testing this prototype, Goodell made some minor improvement, then he was ready to start production,


I made a couple of changes, the basic idea was there, I just made some things to make it better. And then, as a final product, I found a manufacturer that could produce them here locally in the United States. And I'll probably say that a product is made 100% here in the USA.


With this product in hand, Dell was ready to move forward. And that meant getting the patent.


I took it to the next step. And once it was patent pending, you know, the John Rivieras law firm helped me out with then I brought it up to the market. And I've had nothing but positive review.


Once he had his patent, get else set out to start selling this product. And one connection he made has helped him succeed far more than he could have dreamed.


My first retailer is actually in the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center inside of an independent store that Phil Phil, so they carry my product there. And a lot of guys that go through that Academy purchase, they take it back to their safe, and then where to allow somebody else purchase it. So I've been getting a lot of order from just about every state


to del never expect it the type of reaction that he would receive from the release of this product


that run it through law enforcement offers all the time. And they're like, Hey, where are your products every day, it's the best thing created. I feel comfortable. Thank you. I mean, guys, thank me all the time. And to me, that's the best thing that I know that I've created something that I know that at least guys now are carrying what's essential to keep them safe and allow them to perform the duty


creating the Elito pouch has changed Adele's life. And that's why he encourages others who have an idea to chase the dream of making it a reality.


You know, I created it from just an idea, sticking to it, and creating the business. And it's really awesome, you know, that I've had the opportunity. To me, it's an honor. You know, if you're having an idea, and you're just thinking a lot and procrastinating definitely make it happen, you know, the sky's the limit in terms of being able to produce your own product and hopefully assist or, or solid knee that top there. So my biggest recommendation is don't quit, do your research. And definitely read up on, you know, Pat and Pat Love and what's the process?


So if you've started to create a product from an idea that you have, you know, recommends talking to the patent Professor John Rizvi.


Yeah, I'll say John's law firm, John, is, it's a great place. It's a great place to go to, you know, he's got a whole support staff. I mean, from the moment I saw that drawing from the first initial contact I made with him, and we discuss all the different options and whatnot. I would definitely highly recommend his law firm to anybody looking to go down that route. I would definitely say reach out to the law firm. These guys are definitely knowledgeable And they'll fight to get get your idea of patents and so I highly recommend them. And I wouldn't, I would definitely go back.


For more information, check out John's website, the patent or schedule your appointment with the patent Professor today by calling 1-877-379-6453 and let John make patenting easy for you.

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