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All information submitted to our office in reference to an application or credit card use or automated check payment shall not be disseminated to any party, for any purpose, other than the credit card merchant that our law office employs to process such transactions. Further, while it is widely known that any information provided to an attorney is to be held in the strictest confidence known as the attorney-client privilege, this confidentiality extends to credit card payment information as well.

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Upon written request, Gold & Rizvi, P.A. will offer a refund on any unearned fees paid to the office. We will provide you with an itemization detailing all work done on your case for which our office seeks compensation. Please note that refunds are not available on advance payments made towards patent searches and applications.

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Under Florida law, only lawyers that have been Board Certified as experts are legally permitted to identify themselves as specialists or experts in an area of law. Board Certification was established to assist consumers in selecting specialists in various areas of law.

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