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July 31, 2023
John Rizvi, Esq.

You’re Never Too Young to Invent: An Interview with Anthony Justen, 17 Year Old Inventor

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I'm Dan Rizvi, the patent professor. I'm here today with Anthony Justin, a brilliant inventor who is 17 years old. And I often talk about the inventors that are sometimes put into like this, this pigeonholed into people thinking that they have to fit this perfect mold by be a certain age or have a certain education or technical background. And the reality is that that's the furthest thing from the truth and Anthony's living proof of that. And following in the footsteps of other great inventors that didn't fit the perfect mold, like the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, and I think it's fascinating when you see somebody this young, and the ideas he has. A lot of people are surprised because they think the patent office has an age requirement, but the patent office doesn't. In fact, George Neeson is the inventor of the trampoline, which was invented when he was 16 years old Frank Epperson invented the popsicle at 11. Chester Greenwood is the 15 year old inventor of ear muffs. And if you're thinking that these are all simple consumer type items, and that a young person cannot invent something sophisticated, the inventor of the helicopter, Igor Sikorsky, when he came up with the idea was 11 years old. And it was he was 12 when he developed the first prototype. So Anthony urine, you're definitely in good company there. Let's start first with the problem. What problem did you find that you're trying to address with your idea, and we'll get to your models later on as well.

A while ago, I was at Costco, those are other supermarkets. And I just got tired of waiting in line. The way that I did this was I just started imagining stuff. And, and I thought somebody had it already. Because I was telling my father and my mother that Oh, when when you walk there, I said it out. Why isn't there something where you simply just go? Just three steps just instantly, just three to one, and then you instead just pay out normally? And my dad was like, Oh my God, that's a brilliant idea. And that they don't have that. And I was like what?

Yeah, so for our viewers who are like joining for the first time, like the Anthony's idea is an intelligent shopping cart. And it's a system of shopping, where as he said it was triggered by him himself being at Costco and being frustrated by the long lines. So so he's thinking like a lot of inventors, there's got to be a better way. And that's where this concept of this this shopping cart that's smart, essentially, that it reads the prices and it

oh, well, it's it's the whole thing. The main, the main thing is as model one and the cash flow.

So one thing, anything that's unusual about your idea is you have a three second process for your, for your system. So tell us about that and how it works. All right, so

with my midi model I made, so you guys would understand. This is a regular person that's shops. He simply grabbed his cart. And he goes through each step. The first step would be three and then so and then one and once he's done simply walks here, pays grabbed his stuff and leaves

so in those three seconds it scans every single item in his in his cart. Tell me first like going back to we started today with the age of, of inventors in the past and being 17 years old. What advice would you have for young inventors that are looking at bringing an idea to market

chase your dreams work very hard focus on it, I will be honest, it is not easy, there's going to be a lot of nights that's going to feel like it's never gonna happen. That's how I feel at times, but it'll be worth it. In the end. I honestly didn't even think I would be here in Miami for my projects. Last year we were here but for for my parents and stuff and I was just dreaming of all my stuff. I was just making it too. And all of a sudden I come back and I actually have my projects and stuff and going on interviews.

Yeah and how does it feel your your idea is now patent pending, which means you can describe it

it feels amazing to be honest, it really does a lot of people were telling me I wouldn't even even get a patent on this they told me that there's a lot of this stuff was not mapable

what's next for you on this journey and what do you hope the end goal would be from from your idea

I hope to see this in stores I honestly I can't wait. I've been dreaming and dying about this almost every single day. And I I've seen people struggle and stuff with aligns or I think some people struggle with paying so this

way it's completely you know, they talk about going to a cashless society, but this is going to be where you can You'd go into a store and just walk in, walk out your card scanned, and your totals given, you simply just go up,

just pay and go. Also, with my card idea, I have it on my cotton as well is that I got very targeted on lifting waters inside my car, well into my dad's car, and doing a lot of labor work. I'm just gonna be honest, I didn't like it. So I invented where there are rollers inside of the cart, where there's also a joystick or a button that you can push that it lists that it lives this part it lives up to your it's like a ramp. So it lives up to your current level. And you simply slide everything. Okay? Heavy waters, you don't have to lift anymore a somebody just just leave it up to your car and just push everything. And

it would work every once in a while. And you know, if you have like a watermelon or something like that, it's you know, it's hard. But this would work for even irregular shape.

Oh, anything that's in stores, it would work. Okay,

so we know Anthony that self checkout has been around for a long time. You can go to Walmart and self checkout, Home Depot, Publix, a lot of places have that. Tell us what makes yours and advantage over self checkout? What makes it better than anything else that's out there?

Well, with the self checkout, you actually have to physically scan each item. And with mine, you don't you just simply walk through it.

Okay, is there any advantage as far as?

Oh, what makes me different to other cashiers?

Yeah, well, that's that's a huge difference. But as far as is it better for preventing theft,

then? Oh, yes, yes. Mine, it's instantly scanned. So let's say if someone tries to steal it, they they would rip off the tag, and there would be a UAV ink that you can see. But the machine will detect it. That is orange stage on my on my presentation that I made. You simply walk through and it the whole system itself turns orange, and it starts blinking and in detail.

So and right now there's no self checkout. No way to avoid that, right. So there's probably shoplifting

happening. So it's honestly it's very easy to shoplift at, at stores, you can easily put inside your jacket or just walk through no one notices.

But not with this. Because if the cart has the item on there, and it goes through it picks it up. And if they remove the tag, again defies that as well show us what your initial drawings look like,

this is a that's where it all started. Yep, that's where it all started. And then I had to think of a way how it works. So I drew the original Bluetooth and see how it worked. And then as more time passed, I made this

once that's when it really starts coming up. Yeah, let's look now at the final CAD drawings that we prepared, the ones that are actually with your patent. Look at that, actually, your left drawings are really captured the concept pretty well. And all we did as part of the patent is put them on CAD, and then a patent every single element has to have an element number. And then described in the text, which is where we worked with Anthony to make sure that description is accurate. Anthony, in addition to this miniature model, I understand you also have a much larger model that you spend time putting together.

Yes, I do. Okay, let's go

to Anthony. This is this is it. This is your rough what we call in the patenting industry, that rough prototype. Yeah. So tell us a little bit about what each part is and how it works and how it comes together.

All right, well, this right here is my flush strips. This is model that I built. This is my shopping cart that I built. I did not build the full of it, but I just built the top also, this is my cash out learning.

This is essentially the register. Yes,

you grab your car, or you can go without your cart. You walk through each step. So 321 and each each section that was was collected, it will go on to the cash out and you

simply pay and that's the three second process. Yep, three second process. Amazing.

Thank you, Anthony for taking the time to come down here. I know it was a long grind, but also figuratively a long journey to get from when you first had the idea to where you are now. So you're an inspiration to a lot of inventors.

Thank you. Sorry. It was worth it. Yeah, thank you

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