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July 21, 2023
John Rizvi, Esq.

Russia Allows Patent Theft: The Patent Professor® John Rizvi on WOOD Radio in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Speaking of Russia as a bad actor perfect lead in a live line with us this morning, the patent Professor John Rizvi, thanks for doing this today. Of course, thank

you. Good to be here.

Talk to us a little bit about. And we've discussed the idea of intellectual property specific to China as a bad actor and a lot with the agricultural world. Talk to us a little bit about what he's considering doing to unfriendly nature, nations.

Yeah, so and when you said perfect lead in I mean, there's talk about chemical, biological, nuclear weapons, but a lot of people don't realize that intellectual property has oftentimes in war been a war tactic as well. So Russia has two decrees, that essentially have given it a license to steal the intellectual property from what they call unfriendly countries. And it's really vague, but obviously, it seems to be directed towards those countries that are imposing sanctions.

So John, talk to us about what that looks like, how does that work?

So any any patent holders that have intellectual property in Russia, if they're deemed to come from unfriendly countries, there could be knockoff products. And there's absolutely no enforcement. And I think part of what Putin is doing this is a, a way to make sure that they have access to whatever, whatever they would need. And then in times of war, people don't realize that there is there's no such thing as a is a world patent. Patents are territorial. So it's no different than, than oil or any other natural resources that that countries try to focus on. And that's what that's exactly what Russia is doing is making it clear that there any intellectual property inside the country is basically free game.

And talk to us a little bit about how damaging that could be to a country. Let's use us as an example, if one of those patents was stolen and used for their profit.

Well, it could be certainly any countries, any companies that have intellectual property there. And for example, there's huge there's a lot of Coca Cola Bottling plants in Russia, there's 850 McDonald's stores and that McDonald's Of course, they've they've they've decided to shut down and close business in their stores by the Russian oligarch could take them over. Continue sales under the McDonald's name with absolutely no compensation whatsoever.

And not withstanding the idea of counterfeit right printing money that certainly could destabilize some economies to full it's completely, we call him the patent professor about Putin privacy. I'm going to stop there, because I could get in trouble. John Rizvi, thanks so much for your time today.

Thank you. My pleasure.

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