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July 17, 2023
John Rizvi, Esq.

Is Writing on Fabric or an Object Patentable? Can I Get a Design Patent or a Utility Patent?

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Writing an artwork is usually copyrighted. What about writing on fabric or an object? Is this patentable with the writing has function? Or would that be a design?

Yes. So writing on fabric, if that writing has a unique vision, like say, you figured out a way that you could write something on a shirt, and, and it doesn't show when you don't want it to show, but then you have this little remote control device, that you press a button, and then say the writing, maybe you do it through a battery, and he or maybe you have an LED light or something. And now all of a sudden, the lighting shows the writing shows up. Like if you remember, like years ago, they would do this experiment where you would write, you would write something with, you'd squeezed and onion and get onion juice, and you could write a message. And it wasn't until you held that onion juice up to a light bulb, that you could read the message. So if that writing has a unique function, in other words, it's not always visible the writing on clothing, I just made that example up, but then you could get a utility patent. Now a design patent on writing would would be tough, because it would most likely protect the specific writing that you have. So it's not going to be very valuable protection because a competitor could write something else and get around your rights. So I think the design I think a design patent is would not be the right way utility patent. Daniel just corrected me and I surprised you didn't correct me Giovanni, but um, I guess you didn't know this. He said it's not onion juice. It's lemon juice. So I guess you take lemon juice, and you write a message in lemon juice. And and then if you can't read it, of course, because lemon juice is clear. You hold it up to a light bulb and you let it dry. And then it would show I don't know where I got onion juice from.

I for one had no idea that juice was used for writing.

You didn't You didn't grow up with those old protective type. I guess I don't know where I got that from the Inspector Gadget or maybe it was Nickelodeon or where those were those cartoons where someone would write a secret message to somebody. It would look like a blank sheet of paper. But anyway, we digress. But thank you for correcting that it was lemon juice.

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