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July 20, 2023
John Rizvi, Esq.

Inventors: Give Your Patent Application a Winning Edge from This Former US Patent Judge & Examiner

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Hi, welcome. My name is Luis Guerrero, and I'm a biomedical engineer here at the Penn professor. So today I would love to show you around the office. So you might get to talk to me someday at the beginning of your patent journey. You see, in the beginning of the process, each of our clients gets to talk to an engineer. And our job is to make sure that we gather enough proper documentation before we begin your patent search. So as you can see, over here, we have our office fill with our lovely coworkers, who their main job is to make sure that you get a patent at the end of this process. So today, we're gonna talk to one of the pans, professors superstar team, his name is Romolo them and he was a former administrative pen judge at the USPTO. So let's see if he has some time to talk to us today.

Man. Hi, Pamela, how are you? Hi, Verzasca Good to see you dance on time to talk to us today. Have a seat perfect.

So Romulo, your fans at home want to know what exactly is the pan administrative judge

administrative patent judges make up the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. And there are three functions that they serve. First, is that they decide appeals from adverse decisions of patent examiner's, and patent applications and also reexaminations. Second, they decide to inventorship when there's a dispute arising as to who the inventor is. And third, they decide review of issued patents where the patents have been challenged by third parties. All of the administrative patent judges have extensive legal experience in private practice or in government. And many of them like myself, were former patent examiner's.

Wow, that's very interesting. So I see that you're no longer working at the patent office. And now we have the pleasure of having you here with us at the Pan professor. So tell me, what role do you playing in helping clients get more protection for their ideas?

Well, I serve two roles here. First is, I am a post search specialist whereby I tried to give a realistic preview of what an inventor can expect. And I base this on the search that we have conducted for the inventor in the patent databases. And based on my experience, I'm able to gauge what will likely happen at the patent office. So that's my first rule. My second role is the drafting of patent applications. I know what patent examiner's and patent judges look for in applications. And it is so crucial to write applications that are well drafted so that they're easily understood. And the features of the inventions are well presented so that the decision maker the patent examiner will okay and approve the patent application.

That definitely sounds like a very important job. And we're very happy to have you here to do it. So what does your experience from the patent office bring to our clients here.

So I have over 30 years experience as a patent examiner and also as a patent judge. So I've basically seen all sorts of possible rejections that can be made against the patent application. So I'm going to be drawing on that experience to help our inventors navigate through the system here. So as I said, I can be a quasi examiner or quasi judge of your invention, as presented to us, and as soon as searched in the patent databases, so you will have a chance to identify what features of your invention are going to be the key aspects that we should focus on in order to get your application approved at the patent office.

A very useful source indeed. Very happy to have you here. So tell me, what do you love the most about helping our clients get protection for their ideas?

Oh, I love working with inventors here. So far. All the inventors I've met, I've been so impressed. And as you know, are innovators are outside the box thinkers, and they disrupt the ordinary and their inventions, spur small businesses and medium biz misses, which are the heart of the United States economy. So I feel a lot of satisfaction when I help inventors achieve their dreams and in getting patent protection. And in so doing at the same time, our economy is going to be improved by their activities. So I take a lot of joy in helping them.

Now lastly, what would you say to someone out there watching this video thinking they have a really good idea, but don't know where to begin?

Please don't hesitate, please come to the patent professor, and we will help you. The first thing to do if you have an idea is to have it searched in the patent databases to see if it's novel enough for patent protection. If it is, then we will help you write a patent application to establish your inventorship in the patent office. Once you've done that, then you'll have the freedom to license to manufacture and market the invention without the risk of losing it to someone else.

Yeah, that sounds like something very important that people should know about.

And once we've found your patent application, you can even mark patent pending on your product if you have already manufacture and are selling. And it's important to emphasize that the Supreme Court is one said that the drafting of the patent application is one of the most difficult legal tests that one can do. We at the patent Professor have a team of outstanding patent attorneys and practitioners led by John Rizvi to help you draft the best possible application that presents your invention in the most favorable light so that any patent examiner or patent judge reading it will fully understand why it deserves a patent. So we can help you do that effectively and competently.

Well, you heard it here first folks. Come on over to the Penn professor if you have a good idea that you want to protect. So thank you, Ramona for your time. We think you fit in beautifully here at the Penn professor, and I thank you on behalf of all our clients.

Thank you very much for riska It was nice talking to you

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