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May 30, 2023
John Rizvi, Esq.

Inventor Success Story: Carlos Enrique Rodriguez ~ Outboard Hitch Cover

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On this patent Professor success story, you'll meet an inventor who was getting ready to launch his new product.


I am Carlos Enrique Rodriguez and I invented the outboard hitch cover.


Carlos came up with his idea because he couldn't find a ball mount hitch cover on the market that was both functional and efficient. I saw


all the hitch covers out there on the market today off will be removed in order to connect your trailer, I wanted to eliminate the hassle of removing your ornament connecting the bomb out connecting your trailer then disconnecting your trailer taking the bomb on off and putting your ornament back on.


So Carlos decided to take the matter into his own hands into him the solution was simple.


I started thinking about the functionality of the hitch ball and the ball mount itself and incorporating a hinge around the ball mount where it covers the hitch ball when it's not in use. When you're going to connect the trailer on the ball, they're ready to be connected to the trailer. By adding hinges


Carlos was going to be able to solve the problem and his idea was starting to take shape.


But I had from research done and sure enough there wasn't out there. But then I started searching for patent attorneys. I contacted Mr. John Rizvi and one thing that intrigued me was I immediately got an answer back. There wasn't a receptionist who wasn't a paralegal it was him and uh, caught my attention.


That conversation convinced Carlos that John was the right person to help him patent his product.


Working with Donalyn is extremely easy process long. But easy. Keep in mind I thought about this 10 years ago, but the last three years are the ones that have made the big difference. From working with John from sketched all the way to a final product. We're about to bring the product product out to market next month. I'm officially an inventor.


With John's help Carlos got his patent and turned his idea into a reality his dream had come true.


Well, I feel somewhat of an alien gratification even though it hasn't been quick. I see it I brought a thought into into life. So that right there makes me feel enthusiastic and motivated about my product because I actually thought about it, I brought it to a physical equivalent, and now it's about to get into the madness.


With this success, Carlos wants to encourage other inventors to never stop working on their ideas.


Though, the number one thing that I can tell you from an inventor to another potential inventor or a future invent through, be persistent, don't give up. It's going to take some time but be patient. There's going to be obstacles in the way become a rhino go straight through it. That's what I can tell you. And finally,


if and when you are ready to protect your idea with a patent. Carlos wants you to know this. I will


recommend not listening to you and anyone anybody else that becomes an inventor, one that has an idea. He's 100%. Ethical, honest, he's a man of integrity. He's been more of more than one attorney has been more like a freight gliding to schedule an appointment with him. And you'll see for yourself that he's the right guy for your pay. For more


information, check out John's website at the patent or schedule your appointment with John today by calling 877-728-7763 and let John make patenting easy for you.

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