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At the Law Offices of Gold & Rizvi, P.A., we have dedicated our practice exclusively to securing and preserving the intellectual property rights of our clients including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, and franchising matters.

As recognized experts in intellectual property law, our attorneys are frequently quoted in national legal journals and intellectual property publications. Clients of the firm always deal directly with founding partners, Glenn Gold or John Rizvi, on all of their matters and are assured personal attention, open and direct communication, and the highest quality legal services.

It is far better to excel in a single area of the law, we believe, than to be mediocre in a number of different fields. As such, we focus on doing only one thing — protecting new ideas — and doing it better than anyone else.

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Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law

Patent Law: A patent allows you to profit from your idea. It gives you the legal right to prevent others from using your idea unless they first obtain your permission and either buy the patent from you or pay you an ongoing licensing fee or royalty payment.

By filing for a patent, you document ownership of an idea similar to the way a "title" does for a car or a "deed" does for real estate. Like other forms of property, patents are valuable assets and can be bought, sold, leased, used as collateral for loans, and even inherited.

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Trademark Law: A trademark provides the exclusive right to use a mark that serves to distinguish the goods of one person from another. Trademarks typically include a word, phrase, logo, design or combination of these elements. Request trademark information from Florida's trademark and patent attorneys.

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Copyright Law: Copyright law can be used to protect creative expression including, for example, books, articles, seminars, sales brochures, advertising, solicitation letters and emails, instruction manuals, architectural and engineering drawings, pictures, photographs, paintings, graphical images, web-site designs, computer software, music, and sound recordings.

Internet & Computer Law: Intellectual property protection online involves a number of different doctrines including, for example, patent protection for novel web-based business methods and online procedures, trademark protection for domain names and online identities, and copyright protection for creative expression including website designs, advertising copy, and graphical images.

Trade Secret Law: Trade secret law protects proprietary and confidential information used in business including, for example, customer or supplier lists, marketing plans, formulas for compositions, and manufacturing processes.

Unfair Competition Law: Unfair competition law encompasses a variety of types of commercial or business conduct including acts of trademark and trade dress infringement, false advertising, dilution, and trade secret theft. If you have an existing product or service that you find has been copied or pirated, unfair competition laws may help in obtaining relief in the event that other intellectual property protection is not available such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Franchise Law: The cornerstone of a successful franchise is a trademark for the product or service provided. By finding others willing to invest their time and money to help grow a business concept, a proprietor can use franchising to clone proven business ideas and marketing techniques and obtain growth rates much higher than if he or she were restricted to opening more units on their own.

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