On Friday, April 10 patent attorney John Rizvi presented a free webinar to share valuable information about federal grants, loans, and disaster relief programs available to investors as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

“As a patent attorney, I’ve been studying the federal grants, loans, and other disaster relief programs that have been created to assist inventors during this time,” Rizvi explains. “I wanted to put together a free webinar so that anyone with an innovative idea could learn about the options they now have. Many inventors are self-employed or independent contractors and they have not been able to apply for some of the federal stimulus funds for coronavirus made available. However, all of that changed on April 10. Now self-employed and independent contractors can apply for help through the Paycheck Protection Program.”

During the 60-minute webinar, Rizvi discussed the important provisions for inventors and offered a special bonus guide with a summary of coronavirus disaster aid to all who attended. For more information, join John Rizvi’s free and private Facebook group where he provides the latest updates, resources, and tools for inventors. An Adjunct Professor of Patent Law and Board Certified Specialist in Patents, Rizvi formed this group as a way for inventors to apply the essence of Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind principle to help take their ideas to market.

If you are an inventor looking for professional advice on your journey to make your idea a reality, don’t hesitate to get in touch with John Rizvi today at 1-877-330-7492. He will be happy to offer you his expert advice and invaluable experience at an affordable rate.

The Patent ProfessorⓇ, Hosted Free Webinar on COVID Relief

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