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Tampa Patent Attorneys

If you’ve ever been on a boat or ship and seen Tampa from the bay, you could not have failed to notice the towering mass of concrete and glass that is the city’s downtown district.

With its dense skyscraper architecture and soaring skyline made up of hallmark buildings such as the AmSouth Building and Bank of America Tower, Tampa’s sky blue horizon provides a powerful reminder that this town is one of Florida’s engines of growth and prosperity.

Florida has long been recognized as a haven for business, and Tampa is one of its regional leaders. The absence of personal income tax, a modern airport and a large shipping port coupled with a relatively low cost-of- living, have resulted in a substantial number of large corporations moving their headquarters to the Tampa municipal area.

Organizations such as Rooms to Go, Inc., Tech Energy and Walter Industries all form a part of the business tapestry which employs 740,000 Tampa area residents.

Why the Idea Attorney ®?

As a Tampa Patent Attorney, our local office serves budding entrepreneurs who come to see us from all parts of Florida — because our clients consider patent and trademark law to be a global discipline for which physical borders mean little and our many clients from countries outside the USA confirm that.

We increasingly find that clients — individuals seeking to patent an idea or companies looking to market and license a product — are seeking the kind of knowledge, consistency and passion which only a firm that deals exclusively with intellectual property can provide.

This is a complex discipline which is constantly evolving, especially with the onset of digital content.

Proving there is an Intellectual Property breach is also becoming more difficult, particularly as patents may only be a single component in a larger patent process such as software, or an ingredient in a drug for example.

Focused on Intellectual Property Matters

Our Law Firm has focused exclusively on matters of Intellectual Property over the course of the last twenty years. Unlike many of our contemporaries, we decided to concentrate from the very beginning on a single discipline so that we could provide outstanding service to clients.

This approach has paid-off handsomely, and we have attained the highest ranking from the Martindale Hubbell directory which has been ranking law firms on their on legal expertise and professional standards since 1868.

We are quoted in many legal publications, and have a large client base from all over the country.

This specialization means that by consulting with us, you will be in a much stronger position should a competitor ever infringe on your patent.

Strategy — Knowing where you want to end-up is key to your success, and to this end we ask our clients a number of key questions concerning commercial viability, timeframes and route to market. Patents, like other property rights, can be sold, licensed and even mortgaged.

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