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Seattle Patent and Trademark Attorney

We’re calling all Seattle, WA, innovators—do you have a design idea that will revolutionize your industry? Have you thought about how you’ll protect that design or your company?

The Patent ProfessorⓇ can simplify the process for you.

Make an appointment with us, the best patent attorney, Seattle, Washington, has to offer. We’re one of the few Seattle IP law firms to offer a free first consultation, too.

We’ll discuss your options in terms of intellectual property law in the United States (all rights reserved). From there, the process is simple from your side. We’ll start with a quick search, and then move on to a comprehensive analysis of your application.

Once we’re happy that we have everything that we need, we file your application for patents in Seattle, Washington. We’ll then follow up periodically to check on the progress.

Our practice areas encompass Seattle, Washington, and the surrounding areas. If you live outside these practice areas, get in touch anyway. We’re able to teleconference with you or refer you to a great IP attorney near you for help with patents.

It’s Critical to Protect Your Intellectual Property

It’s essential to get your patent applications locked in early. If you don’t, unscrupulous entrepreneurs or investors might steal the concept and file patents themselves, even if it’s not in Seattle, Washington.

It’s challenging enough to prove the source of intellectual property, and you’ll need to hire a law firm or attorneys in Seattle, WA, if that’s where you’re based. Common law is on your side, but patent cases become complicated. It often comes down to who has the best intellectual property attorneys.

Intellectual property law is convoluted at the best of times, but without a competent attorney like us for patents and property law, you could lose your case. 


Dealing with the government processes for a patent is daunting, but you technically don’t need an attorney to assist you in filing patents. It’s advisable because making mistakes on applications for patents in Seattle, WA, leaves your business exposed.

Patent applications are time-consuming. Clients in Seattle, WA, can save crucial time in the patents process by hiring professionals, and new companies might save by filing for patents and trademarks simultaneously.

For those with registered trademarks, dealing with experienced patent attorneys will also save time and improve the chances of the approval for patents in Seattle, WA. Our firm will assist clients with their application for patents, from start to finish, even in other areas.

Register Your Trademarks

Registering your trademark won’t guarantee that no one will use it. It does make it easier for a trademark lawyer to defend the case, though.

We start with a United States trademark search. If that’s clear, we’ll walk through the trademark registration process and discuss what you need. When we get to the trademarks filing, we ensure that all the required documents are complete, and check on the progress of your application.

Using specialist trademark attorneys to assist in this task makes the process far simpler for you.

Why Choose Us?

John Rizvi, a board-certified patent attorney, leads a competent and professional team. It was John who came up with a flat fee to make the process more affordable, too.

A trademark attorney/lawyer usually bills clients by the hour. Patent attorneys can charge a higher hourly rate because of their expertise in several practice areas, for example. The downside is that clients applying for patents often have limited budgets.

Knowing what Seattle, WA, patent attorneys charge to file patents upfront is useful, though. John and his team understand intellectual property law well, and they know the tricks of applying for patents in Seattle, WA, and many other practice areas, too.

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Reach us online through our contact form or call us in Seattle, WA. We look forward to helping you secure your patents.

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