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San Jose Patent and Trademark Attorney

Are you a San Jose, CA, resident with a business idea that’s too good to keep to yourself? Speak to us before you do anyone else and protect your intellectual property rights.

We’ll match you with the best trademarks and patent attorney San Jose, CA, can offer, with the most experience in your area of need.

The process is simple—we offer a free consultation to discuss your idea and assist you with a search to ensure that no one else has registered a similar idea. Our resources are extensive, including partners like SAC Attorneys LLP from Mountain View to Palo Alto and Silicon Valley.

Next, we’ll speak to you about conducting a comprehensive analysis of your concept with partners like SAC Attorneys LLP. It ensures that any applications that we make have the best chance to succeed, with a trademark and patent search to ensure that your idea doesn’t infringe on the rights of another filer.

We’ll then appropriate your applications for patents or trademarks for you.

Our practice areas incorporate San Jose, CA, from Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Mountain View, or Silicon Valley.

Protect Your Intellectual Property and Trademarks

Business is highly competitive, and a great concept doesn’t stay secret very long in places like Mountain View. It’s crucial to protect your ideas before you look for investors or start a business.

You’re at risk of losing the idea to competitors or even investors. Competitors pay someone to steal your trade secrets or reverse engineer your concept after release.

It’s not ethical or correct in terms of common law, as any practitioner like SAC Attorneys LLP will attest. Reinforce your intellectual property rights with formal registration by a reputable law firm.

It’s not if you’ll have to page through a lawyer directory to find representation, but when. Save yourself the trouble of looking at pages of attorney advertising by hiring us first. We’re patent lawyers with a difference.

Most attorneys charge hourly and add itemized expenses. We charge a flat rate, making the process of protecting your concept and trademarks is easier and more affordable. 

Patents and Trademarks Registration

You must protect your business from the outset, and you might wonder if trademarks filing is equally essential. It is. Your trademark might not be worth much now, but what about in ten years? 

If you don’t start the trademark registration process early, you’ll run into problems as an established brand. Any trademark lawyer or firm of attorneys can give hundreds of cautionary tales here.

The primary concern is if another company sells sub-par products under any of your trademarks. The reputational damage alone is worth the cost of having your trademark applications filed by attorneys.

Why Choose Us to Protect Your Patents and Trademarks?

John Rizvi is no stranger to innovation. He is a board-certified patent attorney with twenty years of experience who realized early on that expensive attorney’s fees could stand in the way of progress. It’s why he chose a different path for his law firm.

We don’t charge you for every second like a traditional trademark attorney/lawyer—we stick to a flat rate instead.

It’s our way of giving back to our innovators, and you still get super lawyers who understand the intricacies of patent and trademark law. John is our leading trademark examining attorney, but he has assembled an outstanding team of attorneys to support him.

No attorney can guarantee that your application will be accepted. With over 1,100 successful patents and trademarks applications under our belt, though, we have the experience to know what works.

As your attorneys, we create flawless trademarks applications, provide all the correct supporting documents, and deal with any queries. We’re involved until we receive the final answer on your trademark applications.

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Book your free consultation with one of the top San Jose IP Law firms today. By securing your intellectual property rights today, you make for a better business tomorrow. Speak to us about patents and trademarks—give us a call or book online and experience the Patent ProfessorⓇ San Jose difference today. 

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Your brand is your identity. If, your brand is not protected someone else could claim rights to it. Take action and get a trademark now.

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