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San Francisco Patent and Trademark Attorney

Are you a San Francisco, CA, visionary with an outstanding idea? We’re here to help you lock down your intellectual property rights so that you can obliterate the competition.

Speak to us, and we’ll assign you the right patent attorney in San Francisco, CA, to deal with your unique needs. Our professionals run a complete search upfront, and the next step is a comprehensive analysis of your various applications (all rights reserved).

From there, we’ll deal with the patent and trademark office for you using extensive resources, like Thomson Reuters. Our practice areas encompass San Francisco, CA, and its surrounds.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Silicon Valley, San Francisco, CA, gets all the press. San Franciscans are typically creative people, though. Entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers push the boundaries of what we think is possible, and investors are always looking for the “next big idea.”

Do you have the next revolutionary concept? Then you must protect it before you sell it. Competitors are fast to steal trade secrets, and any law firm will tell you that this is illegal in common law.

Those firms will also tell you that intellectual property law is a challenging field. You might have right on your side, but do you have the money to sue for it? Intellectual property law cases often devolve into “he said, she said,” so prepare for a fight.

As patent lawyers, we’ve also seen cases where the ideas pitched to investors are “borrowed.” Without any formal intellectual property protection in place, these cases become costly. Protecting your rights often means expensive attorneys.

Cut the confusion by registering your patents or trademarks (all rights reserved) before you speak to investors in San Francisco, CA.

Formal Intellectual Property Protection

Protect yourself and prevent fallout. If competitors try to steal your ideas and clients, register your intellectual property rights.

The red tape can be a nightmare to the uninitiated, though. We’re not saying that you can’t do it without the assistance of attorneys in San Francisco, CA. If you’re patient and willing, you’ll be able to figure it out, but can you afford the time it’ll take?

Our flat fee application rate makes it affordable to get professional advice in San Francisco, CA, and save yourself the stress.

Register Your Trademarks to Protect Them

Trademarks are vulnerable, and your brand image is also on the line. Companies producing cheap imitations under your trademark can ruin your brand image quickly in San Francisco, CA.

Registering your trademark won’t stop the knock-offs, but it makes it easier for law enforcement to take action against these suppliers.

Registering a trademark in San Francisco, CA, is also tedious. Our expert trademark lawyer team knows the tricks of the trade, though. Many law firms assist clients with the trademark registration process, but the involvement usually stops with the trademarks filing.

Further assistance for clients sometimes comes at a high cost, too.

With our law office, clients pay a fixed fee for the application—that is one fee from start to finish.

Why Choose Us?

John Rizvi knows what it takes to launch a revolutionary concept in the United States. John’s experience made him realize the need for an affordable and efficient law firm with attorneys specializing in protecting intellectual property.

He realized that dealing with traditional attorneys was too expensive for many applicants, whom you pay for every call and action that your trademark attorney/lawyer makes on your behalf. The bill adds up fast.

We are different—you know what you’ll pay to protect your intellectual property upfront. You get access to super lawyers who understand intellectual property and trademark law backward.

John is on hand to give advice garnered from twenty years of experience as a patent and trademark examining lawyer.

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