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Los Angeles Patent and Trademark Attorney

We protect creators and innovators in Los Angeles, CA, with energetic, capable, and responsive attorneys, vast experience, and an impressive list of clients.

Our track record is impeccable–The Patent ProfessorⓇ draws upon the training, expertise, creativity, and compassion of our law firm to deliver efficient results.

We customize each solution based on the client’s needs, whether you need patent search, copyright advice, or opinion about trademarks. We are here for you.

Trademark Application & Patent Protection Law Office Serving Los Angeles, CA

The importance of trademarks copyrights protection is increasing among individuals and business owners. Intellectual property covers inventions, designs, poetry, music, paintings, and other types of creative work.

When your LA business holds patent trademark protection, it becomes easier for consumers to locate your brand and find the products and services you offer. Whether they are browsing online, on social media, or walking around Beverly Hills, CA, it can assist clients in identifying your business with ease.

Our trademark attorney/lawyer can get you copyright protection that applies to a name, word, design, symbol, device, and more.

With You at Every Step

For trademarks filing or a copyright application, you need our experienced attorney Los Angeles.

Patents/Trademark Search

Our team of attorneys conducts a patent search to see if your design or innovation has been patented in any other state. Your idea must be new and unique before it can be considered for a trademark.

Patents Application/Trademark Registration Process

If your design is not patented by another business, we’ll draft a trademark application that offers you protection. Our attorneys in Los Angeles, CA, have impressive writing skills and can conceptualize a draft from any idea.

Prosecuting the Application

After our super lawyers draft your application, we prosecute it. An examiner will review the form and then decide whether your idea is worth protecting. If it is, you will get a letter of allowance, meaning that your innovation is patented. If it is not, our lawyers will help fight the denial.

As one of the best Los Angeles IP law firms, we can assure you that we can revise your trademark, patent, or copyright until it becomes protected or argue that the application is unusual.

Once approved, your patents/trademarks or copyright 2020 will protect your idea from infringement.

Can Trademark Attorneys Work From Home?

Absolutely—much of a lawyer’s job is to receive and respond to emails. For some clients, there might be an on-site meeting, but all you need is a laptop, home office, and an Internet connection.

What Degree Does a Patent Lawyer Need?

Most intellectual property lawyers who work with trademarks, patents, and inventions are required to complete a law program from an accredited law school and pass the state bar exam. If a lawyer wants to represent clients in front of the USPTO, they must pass the USPTO exam, as well.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Trademark Lawyer?

Attorneys are not cheap, especially in Santa Monica. There is a lot of experience and knowledge that goes into these rates, though.

At The Patent ProfessorⓇ, we don’t work with hourly billing. Instead, we give our potential clients a flat fee for the trademark. Unlike other firms, we don’t charge for phone calls, meetings, and emails, either.

A patent attorney Los Angeles trusts means that prices can vary, depending on your needs, business size, and the type of invention, but we will always be fair.

What Is The Average Cost of a Patent Lawyer?

For many inventors, hiring patent lawyers for the business is a wise investment that safeguards intellectual property. The average cost of an attorney varies, so the best thing to do is to schedule a free consultation where we can evaluate your needs and inform you of the upcoming expenses.

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