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Dallas Patent and Trademark Attorney

Are you an investor or business seeking intellectual property related services, such as trademarks, copyrights, and patent protection for your inventions? A trademark attorney at The Patent Professor® can help you out in the Dallas area.

How We Can Protect Your Trademarks/Patents Rights

We are lawyers, trademark, and patent agents. Our trademark lawyers understand the challenges and needs of innovators, and we are excited about solving your intellectual property issues.

As one of the best Dallas IP Law Firms, The Patent Professor® assists clients in maintaining and expanding market share by leveraging intellectual resources. Through legal counseling, procurement, and licensing in the leading areas of trademarks, patents, and copyrights, our trademark attorney lawyer can help you determine, protect, and use your intellectual capital.

Our patent attorney Dallas has experience with a variety of industries, including technology, life sciences, energy, environment, media, communications, and more.

At our attorney office in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX, we don’t have hourly billing—we charge a simple, flat fee for your innovation. 

Call to schedule a free consultation with our attorney and enforce your trademark and patent rights today.

Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patent Protection in Dallas

As an intellectual property law firm, we use our experience to help clients throughout the trademarks and copyrights prosecution process in Dallas, Texas.

Our Dallas patent and trademarks attorney covers all stages of procuring a new patent, such as:

  • Inventor interviews (trademarks and patent options)
  • Patents and trademarks searches
  • Submitting a patent or trademark application
  • Acquiring the copyrights or trademarks


Your company’s trademarks are your identity. Whether you are running a large business with famous brands in Dallas, TX, or a start-up making a name in the commerce industry, trademark protection is essential for success.

The Patent Professor® has served the trademark needs of individuals and businesses throughout Dallas, TX. Our clients range from old companies with hundreds of trademarks to individuals using one trademark to promote a product or service successfully.




Whether you operate a small business in Dallas, TX, or you are a decision-maker in a well-known enterprise that needs to protect a first-time product idea, our lawyers are here to give you the personal attention that your invention deserves.


Whether you are a part-time writer in Fort Worth, or you run a company undertaking a new campaign in Dallas, TX, ownership, all rights reserved, is vital. You need to protect your trademarks and the copyrights of your creative work.

On our list of clients are musicians, authors, artists, and businessmen alike. We are here to assist you with any of your trademarks and copyrights issues in Dallas, TX.

Speak with our experienced copyright attorney in Dallas, TX, today. We offer a free consultation for trademarks, patents, or copyrights prosecution processes.

Why The Patent ProfessorⓇ?

At The Patent ProfessorⓇ, we serve an array of different clients in different industries. Some bring opportunities and solutions to analyze, while others bring trademarks concerns. We listen, understand, help, and persuade. It is about caring for our clients, knowing what they need, and doing everything we can to satisfy the trademark needs.

Brand protection is at the heart of The Patent ProfessorⓇ. We act for a variety of trademarks clients, handling some of the most popular marks in Dallas, TX. Through our attorney work, we have high-ranking experience of defending positions and reputations.

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Your brand is your identity. If, your brand is not protected someone else could claim rights to it. Take action and get a trademark now.

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