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Boston Patent and Trademark Attorney

Are you an inventor or individual in Boston with a great new idea?

You don’t want anyone to steal that idea. You need to get a patent and register to ensure that you have the trademark registration, which is where our trademark and patent attorney services come in handy.

As a reputable patent and trademark attorney in Boston, Massachusetts, we have the expertise and experience to help corporations and individuals protect their trademarks, brand image, and intellectual property rights.

We guide you through the legal process, ensuring your name is tied to the invention, product, or service. Your idea will have an All Rights Reserved mark.

No one in Boston (or elsewhere) will be able to use your idea without your permission or without paying you some form of royalty for its use.

Identify, Enforce, and Protect Your Patent Rights

A patent is an exclusive right granted by the government to produce, use, or sell your invention for a specified period.

In the United States, utility patents are valid for 20 years from the registration date, encouraging innovation.

It motivates business organizations and individuals in Boston to invest in new inventions without unfair competition. If you have created something awesome in Boston, don’t take risks; file for a patent for your new invention today.

Before the patent process begins, consult our experienced Boston patent attorney. At the offices of the Patent ProfessorⓇ in Boston, Massachusetts, we specialize in all types of patents, including utility patents, design patents, and plant patents.

We’ve been in the intellectual property law business for more than three decades—contact us today to schedule a consultation with our patents lawyers.

World-class Patent and Trademark Attorneys Serving Boston, Massachusetts

A trademark is a symbol that distinguishes the source of a commodity between one party and another. It can be a word, phrase, sound, design, or logo. Generally, the term “trademark” refers to both trademarks and service marks.

Corporations and individuals acquire trademark rights by using the trademark. Once you start using a trademark to identify a product or service, you have rights for the product or service.

If you’re in Boston and have a trademark that you wish to protect, contact our experienced Boston attorney. As a firm specializing in patents, trademarks, and intellectual property law, we can advise you on the best course of action regarding your mark.

If your trademark meets the criteria for registration, our trademark office in Boston, Massachusetts, will take you through every step of the complex registration process.

Contact our attorney today for a confidential conversation about your trademark with an experienced patent lawyer.

Who Is The Patent ProfessorⓇ?

The Patent ProfessorⓇ is a law firm that specializes in all aspects of patents and trademarks.

Under the leadership of refined patent lawyer, Prof. John Rizvi, the firm is committed to helping Boston acquire, register, protect, and enforce intellectual property rights, both locally and internationally.

Our practice areas include Boston and its environs. We also offer intellectual property (IP) litigation. If you’re involved in any intellectual property disputes in the Boston area, we have an experienced intellectual property attorney to represent you.

Litigation matters can be complicated, and an experienced attorney to guide you through the process is essential. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced patents and trademarks attorneys, enabling us to offer high-quality, cost-effective intellectual property legal services.

At the Patent ProfessorⓇ Law Firm, we forego hourly billing for a simple flat fee for the services you need.

Book Your Free Consultation Today

We offer a free consultation with a patent/trademark attorney, and we don’t charge for meetings, emails, postage, or phone calls.

If you have any invention or trademark to protect, the Patent ProfessorⓇ takes action. Give us a call today for a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney.


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