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Atlanta Patent and Trademark Attorney

Atlanta, Georgia, is known for many things, including southern hospitality, diverse musical heritage, successful sports teams, and so much more. One thing that puts Atlanta, GA, on the global map is its long list of well-respected inventors and innovations, though.

Did you know that Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta, GA, by John S. Emberton? It also happens to be the home of industry-defining global companies, like Home Depot, CNN, and United Parcel Service.

Today, innovators and tech entrepreneurs flock to this city to establish connections, raising capital and funding innovations to improve the world. Failing to trademark or patent your intellectual property may threaten the loss of your ideas to unscrupulous people, though.

An intellectual property lawyer is a smart move, as it ensures that no one takes advantage of your innovations or creative ideas.

World-Class Patent Attorney Atlanta

Do you need help securing rights over your innovations or other forms of intellectual property? At The Patent Professor®, we assist visionaries like yourself across Atlanta, GA, to obtain trademarks and patents on intellectual property to dominate the competition.

Get in touch with our competent intellectual property lawyer and find out how we can help you protect your ideas. We serve entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, and start-ups that are pushing the limits, taking risks, and doing novel things to foster positive change and progress.

Take advantage of our free consultation with a competent attorney from the firm to learn more about securing patents or registering trademarks.

Who we are

Headed by John Rizvi, a Board-Certified intellectual property lawyer, we are an independent trademarks and patent law firm in Atlanta, GA. Our lawyers work with creative minds and businesses that need help protecting their innovations.

We assist clients ranging from individual inventors and companies to research organizations, universities, and international corporations. With over 20 years’ experience and 1,200 completed patent cases, our professionals have the capacity to secure your intellectual property rights.

What we do

Our Atlanta IP law firm ensures your hard work remains yours, and yours alone, through legal patenting and trademark protection. We have top property and trademark attorney/lawyer services who partner with our clients to deliver tailored trademark and patent solutions. Our team of professionals know how to secure, protect, and defend your ideas.

We assign each client an expert property or trademark lawyer who guides and advises on all matters pertaining to intellectual property. You can count on these professionals to provide a tailored solution and effective advice based on your needs.

Why Choose Us?

From a light-bulb moment to a revenue-generating asset, our law firm is in the business of turning your ideas into dollars. Our patent lawyers ensure your project gets off the ground fully protected with all rights reserved under property law.

Experience in All the Right Places

Whether you are an emerging business wanting to start your journey into commercialization or an established corporation looking to trademark protect your intellectual property in Atlanta, GA, our intellectual property lawyers are here for you.

The attorney allocated to your case provides the right solutions based on your needs. We are known for our experience, industry awareness, and quality of work in many practice areas in intellectual property protection law.

Extensive Expertise in Intellectual Property Law

Our lawyers work extensively in the field of intellectual property rights to guide you through the legal process. We provide comprehensive legal solutions for all stages of your business. In conjunction with Thomson Reuters’ state-of-the-art research technology, we ensure our clients receive the best possible advice.

A Flat-Fee Intellectual Property Law Firm

Unlike other law firms in the industry, we do not do hourly billings. Instead, we offer a flat rate for your patent and legal issues and free consultation for initial proceedings. We don’t charge for meetings, emails, phone calls, postage, photocopies, or faxes.

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If you are looking for an intellectual property lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, to trademark your business or sound legal advice, we are available. We can help you turn your brilliant idea into reality—visit our patent and trademark office or contact our intellectual property lawyer for a free consultation today.

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