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Most people think of Orlando as a vacation city, home to the world’s largest cluster of amusement parks, renowned for its recreational attractions, sizeable convention centers and manicured golf courses.

Scratch the surface and you’ll discover one of the country’s best environments for innovation. As Orlando Patent Attorneys, we have a unique perspective on the areas business climate.

The University of Central Florida is a prominent institution with more than 48,000 students enrolled each year.

The Central Florida Research Park is one of the largest in the country and a national hub for military simulation and training.

And today, Orlando has a $13.4 billion technology industry employing 53,000 people.

These conditions, together with the research facilities of some of America’s largest enterprises – companies such as Lockheed-Martin, Boeing and AT&T, to name but a few – have encouraged a great deal of innovation and prosperity within the Orlando Municipal area, much of which has originated from patented ideas.

We focus exclusively on Intellectual Property Law. At the start of our careers some twenty years ago we made the decision to concentrate on one legal area, and become the best at what we do.

So, what does that mean to a creative individual in the Orlando area that has a product or idea, wants to take it to the next level but needs the help of a professional Patent Attorney in Orlando?

Well, we now enjoy the highest ranking from the prestigious Martindale Hubbel legal directory which has been ranking lawyers based on legal expertise and professional standards since 1868.

We are quoted in numerous publications, and have built a large and growing client base from all over the country.

We think of patent cases as intricate buildings, where if one of the blocks is damaged the whole structure might collapse. Unless our clients have all the necessary components in place to ensure that their invention is protected, they will either not make money or even worse, end up in costly litigation.

One of our firm’s strengths is that we are able to offer our clients the full spectrum of service under one roof, an offering that few other law firms can match.

If you have a unique idea or product which you want to protect, contact Orlando Patent Attorneys John Rizvi, P.A. today.

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