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We protect your ideas so that you can profit from them

Patents make it possible for you to protect your ideas. Protecting your ideas is the first step towards making sure you can profit from your hard work. We specialize in the patent process for investors and businesses in the Tempe vicinity.

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What does a patent attorney do?

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A patent attorney assists clients in obtaining a patent. This includes drafting the description of the invention and the claims, as well as communicating with the patent office to make a case for why a patent should be granted. Drafting effective patents requires patent attorneys to have a unique combination of science, law and language. 

Our practice Area

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Our law firm assists Tempe based companies and individuals. We specialize in patents, trademark and copyright law as well as IP Lawyers. This includes the process of acquiring a patent.  We have a flat-fee patent process.  Our focus is assisting clients with the entire patent process from the idea to the patent acquisition.


Patent Law

Patents allows you to profit from your idea and gives you the legal right to prevent others from using your patentable idea.

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Trademark Law

Companies require trademark protection for a new company or product name or brand identity often used in marketing.

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Copyright Law

Copyright protection is used to protect original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression. 

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Other Laws

Protecting intellectual property and business secrets and related legal activities is our primary business.

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The Idea Attorneys
Work With

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We have a presence in Tempe specializing in IP Lawyers. Our staff includes patent agents, industrial designers, engineers, programmers, technical illustrators, and scientists with specialized expertise to assist our attorneys in persuasively arguing for the patentability of your idea.

Medical Professionals
Dental Professionals
Software Companies
Law Enforcement
Service-based Companies
Real Estate Agents
Government Agencies
Small Businesses
…and more!

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Founding partner John Rizvi is an Adjunct Professor of Patent Law at Nova Law School and has been so for the past 20 years. In fact, he is known as The Patent Professor® He has a strong social media following for his educational video series as The Patent Professor ®, where he explains complex patenting concepts in plain English. The Patent Professor® is the leading platform for advising, educating, and helping inventors nationwide in protecting their ideas.

Together, John Rizvi, P.A. – The Patent Professor® and his team at The Idea Attorneys® are focused on doing one thing – protecting new ideas – and doing it better than anyone else.

John Rizvi

What our customers saying?

John Rizvi’s knowledge and work ethic is extremely impressive. He and his team are very professional, as they have extensive experience and make clients feel understood and supported. 


Fillipo Gioco

It was a pleasure working with Mr. John Rizvi to file a provisional patent. I’m happy with their work, and can definitely recommend Mr. Rizvi as a patent attorney.


Troy Munroe

This was just the information we needed to protect our writing with legal copyright done correctly.


Connie Kaplan

John Rizvi’s knowledge and work ethic is extremely impressive. He and his team are very professional, as they have extensive experience and make clients feel understood and supported. I definitely recommend.


Frequently Asked Questions

For individuals and companies looking to patent their ideas in the Tempe area, here are typical questions our clients ask about patents, trademarks, copyrights and legal issues related to intellectual property.

Do I need a prototype?

You do not need a physical prototype. What is useful are design plans and descriptions of the idea.

Do I have a good idea?

This is a good question. After meeting with a patent attorney and having a completed patent search, your attorney will be able to make a recommendation on whether the idea can be patented.

How do I present my idea to a company?

If you are about to present your idea to a company, it is important to take specific steps to protect your intellectual property. This can be in the form of getting the client to agree to specific paperwork. Also, your attorney should be able to help assess what stage you may want to be in, like a patent pending, before you present your idea.

What should I expect in the patenting process?

You should expect in the patent process to go through a series of steps from a patent search through to an application. You should expect the patent attorney to have a technical understanding of your idea and the ability to translate this idea into a documented patent ready for the patent office.

Can I do the patent search myself?

Yes, you can do a patent search yourself, however, there is a lot more sophistication and complexity to a thorough patent search. Making a mistake and not identifying an existing patent can be a major problem. Your best decision, regardless of whether you use our firm is to use a professional in the patent search process.

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