John Rizvi, The Patent ProfessorⓇ, a Coral Springs Florida based patent attorney with 14 satellite offices in Florida, New York, Texas, Georgia, Nevada, Washington, California, and Massachusetts, hosted an informative webinar with a prolific inventor Babak Forutanpour on June 12, 2020. During the 30-minute interview, Forutanpour, who has over 100 patents and has done interviews on major media outlets including the Today Show and Fox Morning News, shared his story and took questions from the audience.

In response to John Rizvi’s first question, Forutanpour admitted that as a kid he was more focused on business. Among other endeavors, he started a car wash, painted fences, and performed magic shows to earn money. He admitted that his innate tendencies as an entrepreneur subsided once he started his college career and upon graduating, worked in special effects for movies in Hollywood. During that time, he was neither inventing nor indulging his entrepreneurial passions because he was having too much fun with 2-D and 3-D computer graphics.

That changed about 15 years ago when he realized he had a creative problem-solving side and looked at things a bit differently than others. At that time, he worked in the camera department at Qualcomm, a company that makes chips for cell phones. While ensuring the cameras could take better pictures, Forutanpour ignited his inventive spirit when he realized he could solve complex technical problems in creative ways. After obtaining his first patent on a camera that could take better pictures using the microphone, speaker, clock, and GPS with the help of patent attorneys to protect his inventions, he realized, “Wow, this is thrilling. My team and I may be the first people in the world to create a camera that takes better pictures using these other sensors.” That first invention paved the way for many others to come as Babak worked with patent attorneys.

As Rizvi explained in the webinar, “I’ve done a TEDx Talk on the power of simple ideas. Simple, everyday innovations that some people do not even think warrant a patent because there’s this myth out there that you’ve got to have a flux capacitor before you see a patent attorney. Patent examiners are not allowed to reject a patent on something called ‘hindsight reconstruction,’ which simply means that if today it looks like the idea is not new or novel, that doesn’t mean it was not new or novel at the time the inventor came up with it. Think about today’s cell phones. Of course, they take pictures. But at one time it was an extremely unique concept that a communication device like a cell phone would also take and share pictures.”

Rizvi then asked Forutanpour to share a few of his innovative prototypes including:

  • Baker Buddy – a device with a crescent-shaped crevice that fits over a mixing bowl, allowing at-home bakers to have everything they need in one area
  • The Tooth Diary – a toy that helps kids communicate with the Tooth Fairy and request their lost teeth back; and
  • ONEderball – a soccer ball that incorporates a football and a flying disc in one easy-to-carry device – perfect for taking to the park.

They also discussed the two-part process for applying for a patent and the different types of patents like utility, design, provisional, and non-provisional before taking questions from their audience. To listen to the replay, click here. You can also request to join his private Facebook Group, The Inventor’s Mastermind.

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