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At Gold & Rizvi, P.A., we have earned a reputation for unparalleled client service in representations ranging from individual inventors and small start-up companies to medium to large institutional clients and multinational corporations. What all of our clients have in common, however, is a desire to work with experienced intellectual property counsel offering personal attention, open and direct communication, and high-quality legal services.

Although our founding partners have experience working at some of the largest law firms in the country (qualifications & experience), we are not a large firm. This means that you will deal directly with principal Glenn Gold or John Rizvi on every aspect of your matter and not a faceless new associate drawn from the gallows.

As recognized experts in intellectual property law, our attorneys are frequently quoted in national legal journals and intellectual property publications. Unlike "all purpose" law firms, we believe it is better to excel in a single area of the law than to be mediocre in a number of different fields. As such, we focus on doing one thing — protecting new ideas — and doing it better than anyone else. We are The Idea Attorneys®.

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