Meet the Idea Attorneys®

Ana Echavarri

Senior Patent Engineer & Technical Department Head

Ana Echavarri is the Senior Patent Engineer & Technical Department Head.

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    John Rizvi, Esq.

    Board-Certified Patent Attorney
    The Patent Professor® 

    John Rizvi is a founding partner of the firm and has focused his practice exclusively on matters relating to patent, trademark, and copyright law for the past 18 years.

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    David Suazo

    Intellectual Property & Patent Search Specialist
    (Former U.S.P.T.O Patent Examiner)

    David Suazo is the Intellectual
    Property & Patent Search Specialist.

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      John Fulton, Jr.

      Registered Patent Attorney

      John Fulton, Jr. is a Registered Patent Attorney at The Patent Professor®. 

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        David Colls

        Registered Patent Agent

        David Colls is a Patent Agent (Reg No. 76,115) at the law office of John Rizvi, P.A.

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          Rafay Asrar

          Registered Patent Attorney

          Rafay Asrar joins The Patent Professor® with several years of experience as a Registered Patent Attorney.

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            Felix Cruz

            Intellectual Property Practice Manager

            Felix Cruz is the firm’s intellectual property practice manager and oversees the daily operations of the firm.
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              Vikki Simmons-Forsyth

              Intellectual Property Paralegal

              Vikki Simmons-Forsyth is our paralegal and brings over 7 years of passion, hard work, and patent expertise to The Patent Professor ®.
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              Rafael Bustamante

              Intellectual Property Paralegal

              Rafael G. Bustamante is an intellectual property paralegal at the law office of John Rizvi, P.A.
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                Giovanni Lopez

                Intellectual Property Paralegal

                Giovanni Lopez is an intellectual property paralegal at the law office of John Rizvi, P.A.
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                  Kathryn Vatt

                  Intellectual Property & Patent Search Specialist
                  (Former U.S.P.T.O. Patent Examiner)

                  Kathryn is one of our former patent examiners..
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                    Noah Steinberg

                    New Client Intake Coordinator

                    Noah Steinberg is the New Client Intake Coordinator at the law office of John Rizvi, P.A.
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                      Jenny Lam

                      Director of Communications
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                        Francisco Castro

                        Francisco Castro is the firm’s receptionist. He is the friendly voice you will hear when calling into the firm.
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                        Patrick Pagan

                        Intellectual Property Paralegal

                        Patrick Pagan is an intellectual property paralegal at the law office of John Rizvi, P.A. Read Full Bio

                        Andrew Seligman

                        New Client Intake Coordinator

                        Andrew Seligman is a New Client Intake Coordinator.

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                        Katie Brock

                        Accountant & HR Director

                        Tadeo Gil

                        Legal Assistant

                        Tadeo Gil is a Legal Assistant.

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                        Alessia Ortega

                        Multimedia & Video Specialist

                        Alessia Ortega is a Multimedia & Video Specialist.

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                        Jonathan Bloch

                        Intellectual Property Paralegal

                        Meet Jonathan Bloch: trustworthy, innovative – and our expert intellectual property paralegal at The Patent Professor®.

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                        Daniela Guevara

                        Executive Assistant

                        Zeke Petrocelli

                        Billing Specialist

                        Ezeqiel Pertocelli is a Billing Specialist

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                        We are more than attorneys

                        To learn about the attorneys at our law firm, click here. Although we are The Idea Attorneys®, our team is not just limited to lawyers.

                        Our staff includes a number of patent agents, industrial designers, engineers, programmers, technical illustrators, and scientists with specialized expertise to assist our attorneys in persuasively arguing for the patentability of your idea.
                        You never get a second chance to make a first impression on an Examiner at the Patent Office.

                        International Patent Filing Expertise

                        As such, It is critical that your submission to the Patent Office be done in the most complete and persuasive manner possible.
                        We also have international foreign filing experts that can assist you with securing rights to your intellectual property outside the United States.

                        How much is all of this going to cost?


                        Unlike other law firms, we have moved away from the hourly-billing model and provide a fixed-fee estimate prior to starting work on your patenting matter.

                        This way, not only are you assured first-rate expertise for your patenting matter, but you also have the peace of mind of knowing that we understand your budget and that there are no surprises in your legal fees and costs.

                        Have Questions? Need Help?

                        Call us Toll Free at 866-433-2288 with any questions you may have regarding patents, trademarks and copyrights.

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                        Our firm has been awarded an AV rating, the highest rating bestowed by the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory for our legal expertise and overall professional excellence.

                        We express our sincere gratitude to members of the bar and judiciary for continuing to recognize the quality of our intellectual property practice.

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