David Suazo

David Suazo

Intellectual Property & Patent Search Specialist
(Former U.S.P.T.O Patent Examiner)

David Suazo is our Intellectual Property & Patent Search Specialist.

His previous experiences include working as a former patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

An Adversarial System, and Switching Sides

Like much of U.S. law, patent law is an “adversarial” system in which the inventor and the examiners (i.e. – at the Patent Office, these are essentially like “judges” in a regular court) of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are working at cross purposes.

The innovator wants their invention to have the widest reach and broadest protection possible. The patent examiners are the judges who determine what does and doesn’t get patented, and they look for any legal reason they can find to reject the patent application.

Failing that, they seek to limit and restrict the innovator’s rights as narrowly as they can.

Because of the adversarial nature of patent law, any error in a patent application or the supporting documents or any weakness on the attorneys part in pushing for claim coverage where it is justified can derail a patent, with potentially disastrous results.

Something as simple as a single letter in a patent application has resulted in a denial of rights. There is no room for error in the high stakes game of securing intellectual property.

One of the key points which sets The Patent Professor® apart from most law firms is that we are fortunate to have not one, but two former patent examiners on our staff.

These are highly qualified patent judges who have switched teams from working as a governmental employee to joining the inventor’s side of the scales.

These people know what the Patent Office looks for in an application and the supporting documents, and both common and arcane reasons why these documents either succeed or fail before the examiners.

Having access to their intimate knowledge and understanding of the Patent Office’s inner workings is a huge advantage for our clients, and one which few other law firms can legitimately claim.

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