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Are you Wondering whether your Invention or Idea is Patentable?

Then we'd like to help - please read on.

My name is John Rizvi and I'm a Jacksonville Patent Attorney. Along with my partner Glenn Gold, we manage the Intellectual Property Law Firm of Gold & Rizvi, P.A.

The Jacksonville area economy is balanced among distribution, financial services, biomedical services and technology, consumer goods, information technology and services, manufacturing, insurance and other industries.

And this strong business climate is a prime candidate for new intellectual capital initiatives.

If you have some type of new idea or invention that you would like to protect with a patent, you've come to the right place.


Request patent information from Jacksonville Patent and Trademark Attorneys.

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Request trademark information from Jacksonville trademark and patent attorneys.

File your trademark now with Jacksonville patent and trademark attorneys, Gold and Rizvi.

All we do is help individuals and businesses with their intellectual property matters - with a strong focus on patents. Both of us have done this - and only this - for our entire legal careers.

Today, we have offices in seven Florida cities, two offices in Las Vegas and one in New York City.

If your invention or idea is valuable to you, and you are serious about pursuing it, our evaluation is vitally important to determine whether you will find success - or waste a lot of time and money.

Glenn and I are offering you the opportunity to get professional legal guidance about your invention or idea while you are here - before you waste your precious time and money.

And any conversations that you might have with us are completely confidential....and guaranteed by both Florida and Federal law.

Patenting An Invention Or Idea...The Correct Way

One thing I've seen over and over again while talking with inventors and business owners is this - applying for a patent is not always the best first step for everyone looking to patent an idea or invention.

Sometimes, you may end up spending money and wasting time because you find out that your "idea” or “invention" already exists or is not otherwise patentable subject matter.

So we advise a three-step process for patenting an idea or invention.

One - Initial Strategy:

This is an absolute must because this is where we plan for your success.

This entails working with you and using our knowledge of the markets to determine if your idea or invention is commercially viable and what is the best way to market it.

Two - Patent Application:

This is the step that most inventors and business owners are familiar with. We are able to conduct an extremely thorough patent search to help determine whether or not your idea or invention already exists. If it does, there is no use in moving any further. If the concept is go, however, we then sit down with you and discuss which type of application to focus on - a Provisional or Non-Provisional Utility Application or a Design Patent. In some cases, more than one type of patent will be recommended.

Three - Enforcement:

After you have your patent and begin to make it commercially available, making sure it is never "borrowed" or stolen is key to protecting your idea....and Glenn and I are very aggressive when it comes to taking the appropriate steps in protecting our clients and enforcing the patent monopoly.

Here's Our Promise To You

After our initial evaluation, we promise to be upfront and honest about your idea or invention. If it's our opinion that it's unlikely to be successful, we'll tell you that right away because we don't want you wasting your money.

However, if the evaluation is promising, we will lay out your options and what actions you should take to proceed....and we will be there to help.

If you are serious about your idea or invention, and would like to speak with a Jacksonville Patent Attorney, I'm offering you the chance to get professional advice - so you can make decisions that serve your best interests.

If you have an idea or invention, we would encourage you to take advantage of our offer of a free consultation.

Your initial consultation can either be in English or in Spanish (your preference) and by phone or in person. Just let us know what your preference is. We can be reached at 904-351-6919 or toll free at 1-866-433-2288 or you can click on the "Contact Us" link on the upper-right of this page and we'll get back with you as soon as we can.

If you're planning on a face-to-face meeting to discuss your idea or invention, just below is the address for our Jacksonville Patent office.

Here's to your success.

Gold & Rizvi, P.A.
The Idea Attorneys® - Jacksonville, FL.
10151 Deerwood Park Boulevard
Building 200, Suite 250
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Phone: 904-351-6919

Jacksonville patent attorney

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