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The Jacksonville area economy is balanced among distribution, financial services, biomedical services and technology, consumer goods, information technology and services, manufacturing, insurance and other industries.

And this strong business climate is a prime candidate for new intellectual capital initiatives.

If you have some type of new idea or invention that you would like to protect with a patent, you've come to the right place.

All we do is help individuals and businesses with their intellectual property matters - with a strong focus on patents. Both of us have done this - and only this - for our entire legal careers.

If your invention or idea is valuable to you, and you are serious about pursuing it, our evaluation is vitally important to determine whether you will find success - or waste a lot of time and money.

We are offering you the opportunity to get professional legal guidance about your invention or idea while you are here - before you waste your precious time and money.

And any conversations that you might have with us are completely confidential . . . and guaranteed by both Florida and Federal law.

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