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On this page you will find links to four documents valuable to every new inventor.

First, is the How to Establish a Legal Monopoly Through Patent Law report. In this report you will discover:

patenting guide fee schedule
  • How patents protect your idea and prevent others from stealing it (and why this gives you a 20 year monopoly to sell your idea without any competition whatsoever).
  • How to sell or license your patent
  • Why patents can keep your product prices higher in the marketplace . . . increasing profit margins, market share and name recognition.
  • How most inventors lose their patent rights
  • You must have a product to get a patent, right? Wrong! Why it's WORSE to wait to get a patent until you have a product.
  • What every inventor should do before they get a patent (this one step could save thousands in fees and years of headache)
  • Details on international patents
  • A complete guide to the legal fees and costs for obtaining a patent
    Plus much, much more . . .

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Second is the Confidential Record of Invention Questionnaire. Fill out this short questionnaire and we will give you a free evaluation of the patentability of your idea by one of our Registered Patent Attorneys. You will also receive a fixed-fee estimate of fees and costs required to obtain a patent.

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Next, hiring an attorney is a big decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. That's why we recommend you read about our Qualifications and Experience. Here you will discover why Gold and Rizvi stand head and shoulders above other patent attorneys. We are:

  • AV rated by the Martindale Hubbel Law directory (the highest possible rating for ethics and competence in the field of patent law)
  • Specialists, focusing solely on the practice of Intellectual Property Law for over 15 years
  • Trained engineers, with the skills required to understand even the most technical new ideas

Finally, please read this short warning prepared by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It exposes the top ten scam warning signs...the five hooks scam companies use to lure in inventors... and...10 questions every inventor should ask the company they are using to help them patent their invention.

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